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AirGorilla air purifier marketing explained

 AirGorilla PCO/UV N-Duct Unit

 Technology So Powerful It's Used On Nuclear Submarines

     The AirGorilla air purifier is lacking in one very important aspect of the indoor air quality problem, there is no filter to remove the offending particles and allergens.  According to their lab report, the AirGorilla does remove up to 55% of suspended particles in the test chamber, but without a filter to arrest these particles, one can only wonder where those particles are going.

     The marketing brochure describes the ability of the AirGorilla air purifier to sanitize the air, much like using UV lamps alone. The addition of the photocatalyst goes one step further in sanitizing the air by the removal of odors and some gases.

     The statement made concerning the AirGorilla PCO/UV N-Duct Unit being maintenance-free is simply not true.  According to the owners manual there are specific instructions for changing the ultra-violet bulbs after 1 year of use.  We definitely consider this maintenance as do most of our customers.

     Since there are 8,760 hours in one year, the ultra-violet lamp is considered a one year bulb, as are most.  The Electro-Breeze Duct Mount UV kit includes an ultra-violet lamp with a 2 year effective service life.

     We would not recommend the AirGorilla PCO/UV N-Duct Unit as the best solution for improving your indoor air quality.

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AirGorilla sales brochure

AirGorilla installation manual

AirGorilla owners manual

Click here for more information on the Indoor Air Quality Danger Levels

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 Electro Breeze Duct Mount UV kit

 The perfect combination to remove all indoor air pollutants

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Your purchase includes the Electro Breeze air cleaner panel in your size, a UV germicidal lamp, mounting plate assembly, monitor and five replacement pads.  Change your first pad after one month of use, then change out every 2-4 months, thereafter.

Electro-Breeze Duct Mount UV kit

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Electro Breeze DMUV kit  $545.00

(less than 24x24 or 570 sq in)

Electro Breeze DMUV kit (Oversize)  $565.00

 (24x24 or larger than 570 sq in)