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Air Purifier Comparisons

Compare workmanship and design

TFI and Cimatec


TFI and Cimatec have incorporated a flimsy screen held in place by pop rivets.  This is nowhere near quality workmanship.


Here you can see how thin the screen frame is.  Notice the plastic corners just waiting to poke through the outer screen.

Dynamic AQS


Dynamic has no coating on their electrode and also has a history of premature powerhead failures.  Keep your warranty handy!


Dynamic attempts to miter their corners, but ends up with sharp edges and mismatch making it difficult to install.

Electro Breeze Air Cleaner Ltd.


Electro Breeze utilizes a titanium coated electrode to combat corrosion and insure an excellent contact for optimal performance.


Electro Breeze has the sturdiest design with reinforced corners that glide smoothly into and out of your filter slot.  No sharp edges to snag your hand or clothing.

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