What are carbon air filters?

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     One of the frequent complaints of our customers is a need to control odors.  The best defense against odors is an odor absorber like the activated carbon found in carbon air filters.  The Sun Pure SP-20C has a 5-micron carbon impregnated prefilter to help absorb odors and the Electro Breeze Duct Mount UV kit incorporates an activated carbon sheet in its furnace air cleaners.  These carbon air filters are also referred to as charcoal air filters.  Many times our customers get hung up on terminology and again, this is by design.  Those who market their products based on scientific terminology tend to define them so it appears that these air cleaning devices are magical.

Carbon air filters act as a sponge
     The charcoal air filters act like a sponge and have so much surface area that the amount of absorption in proportion to its size is incredible.  Take a look at the magnified image here to see all the curves and ridges that get filled when these charcoal air filters trap the odors and gases.

High efficiency filtration and charcoal air filters
     One of the components of high efficiency filtration is the absorption properties of the activated carbon.  The molecules of gases and odors can be extremely small and difficult to filter from your indoor air.  That is where the activated carbon helps to improve the performance of the furnace air cleaners.  The testing data shows a significant decrease of the presence of gases.  Click here to see the test data for the Electro Breeze Duct Mount UV kit.


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