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Furnace Mounted Electronic Air Cleaners

     Furnace mounted electronic air cleaners are designed for whole house air cleaning.  The models that are reviewed below are designed for specific types of air cleaning.  The pollutants in your indoor air consist of three types:

Danger level 1

Particulate - dust, dander, pollen, smoke, etc.

Danger level 2

Biological - viruses, bacteria, mold spores, etc.

Danger level 3

Gaseous - volatile organic compounds, odors, urethane, formaldehyde, etc.

(as shown below)

          Spoiler Alert
     Of the furnace mounted electronic air cleaners below, there is only one system that addresses all three indoor air pollutants affordably.  You will find that system appearing on each product page to show how the furnace mounted electronic air cleaner you have selected compares to the system our researchers have chosen.

The popular brands of electronic air cleaner filters are compared on the following pages:

Many of the models compared are electronic air cleaner filters, while others are not.  Please read all of the information presented to make a well informed decision.  As always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about these electronic air cleaner filters or any other brands.

Graphic data provided by the US Centers for Disease Control which represents an analysis of the causes and aggravations of allergies and asthma.