UV Air Cleaner Technology

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The quietest, most effective air purification system on the planet!

UV Light is naturally occurring!
      Ultraviolet Germicidal Light is a trusted air purifying method used in hospitals nationwide, and ultraviolet energy is the suns rays that nature uses outdoors to purify the air. Ultraviolet lamps enable the Electro Breeze UV air cleaner to produce the natural germicidal rays that kill germs and control allergens.

Forced Air Furnaces Distribute Pollutants
     Your furnace provides a perfect environment for the growth and broadcast of bio-aerosols, toxins and gases that cause the unhealthy air conditions found in most homes. Because a furnace is the collection point for most of the re-circulated air in a building, it is the best place for installing an Electro Breeze UV air cleaner.

Governmental Agencies Acknowledge and Identify the Problem

     The Environmental Protection Agency has found that indoor air is always 2 to 5 times, and sometimes 100 times worse than the worst outdoor air. You may not be able to see, smell or touch it, but this air pollution is impacting the health of your family. The American Medical Association reports that 1/3 of our national health bill is directly attributable to indoor air pollution.

What Are Bio-aerosols?

     Mold is probably the most common bio-aerosol. Germs are also known as bio-aerosols or pathogens. Bio-aerosols are airborne pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold and mildew, (micro-organisms), which cause infectious disease.  They can cause allergic reactions, asthma and other respiratory ailments.  Indoor air pollution also includes VOC's, (volatile organic compounds), and other toxins which are gases. They can trigger allergies, various health problems, and may cause odors. 

Basic Facts and Research Regarding Ultraviolet Energy or UV Light

     The Electro Breeze UV light air cleaner design is based on accumulated research data and actual experience from Westinghouse Electric Corporation Lamp Division's research laboratories. All ultraviolet energy is measured in nanometers and the wavelengths are shorter than visible light. Therefore UV energy is invisible to the human eye. The wavelengths of ultraviolet generated by the Electro Breeze UV System germicidal lamp are in the 254 nm. range, making them lethal to the bio-aerosols described above.

     Mutant strains of microbial have become resistant to the antibiotics formerly used to control them. Deaths from infectious diseases caused by these germs is now the third leading cause of death in the United States (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).


     According to Westinghouse, a single UV lamp will provide a kill rate of 70% to 85% at 1500 cfm with this lamp positioning.
     The germs that escape on the first exposure will be hit again and again until they are destroyed as the airflow carries them through the UV radiation.  The kill rate achieved by other manufacturers lamps may be more or less than Westinghouse.

The effectiveness of ultra-violet light

     The kill zone of the germicidal lamp is within 2 inches of the lamp. A kill rate of 99% is achieved at the distance. The effective zone is up to 24 inches from the lamp. Within that distance, a microorganism may not be killed, but single-pass exposure to the ultraviolet energy (within 24 inches of the lamp), will disturb its DNA (reproductive code) and stop if from reproducing and infecting us with disease or illness.

     The air in your home, along with all of the airborne contaminants, passes through your furnace several times an hour. This creates an accumulative effect on microorganism kill and DNA disruption when an Electro Breeze UV System unit is properly installed in your furnace ductwork. 

Shadowing Effect

     Many microorganisms travel through the air. Carried by the air stream or by attaching themselves to water droplets, they are intermixed with particles in the air. This can create a shadowing effect when the microorganism passes by an ultraviolet lamp, protecting it from the lamps rays. Therefore, it is best to also have a high efficiency electronic filter in your furnace to control the particulate in the air, thus preventing or minimizing the shadowing effect. 
     It should also be noted, that even though a microorganism is destroyed, or its DNA disrupted, preventing it from reproducing and infecting, it can still be an allergen and must be collected by allergy air filters that can collect sub-micron particles. 
     We recommend the use of a Polarized Media Electronic Air Cleaner such as Electro Breeze Air Cleaner for this purpose. A Polarized Media Air Cleaner will also remove other allergens from the air, including destroyed or disrupted microorganisms.


UV Lamp Placement
     It is recommended that the UV lamp should be installed within close proximity of the air conditioning A-Coil, so as to expose the greatest area of the air conditioning A-Coil to the UV light.  This will help eliminate mold and bacteria.  If the air conditioning A-Coil is not easily accessible, the UV lamp may be placed in close proximity of the high efficiency air cleaner panel.


Electro Breeze air cleaner
coupled with
Ultra-violet technology

     The graph at the left shows the dramatic effect the Electro Breeze electronic air cleaner system has on bacteria.  Alone, the system removed nearly 75% of the bacteria.  When coupled with the Ultra-violet germicidal lamp, virtually all of the bacteria was eliminated.

      There is no controversy about ultra-violet germicidal lamps being the most effective course of destroying micro-organisms, but the lamp cannot remove the particles that are often the host for viruses and bacteria.  The high efficiency of the Electro Breeze air cleaner makes it the best uv air cleaner for capturing and killing spores, viruses, allergens, dust, pollen, dust mites, cockroach waste and more.

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